Ep 10: Growin’ Up Meow-Meow & Caleb’s Kingdom Holds Court

ryantimetv - poster 11x17 - MAR 22 - HiResEpisode Ten is one-part GAY PORN, one-part Pretty Kitty, and 100% NUTTERS! Ryan Kerr gives us the lowdown On Growin’ Up and how he turned a simple phone greeting into an Industry that eclipsed its party-drug namesake. Then pornstar Caleb King brings down his massive, veiny hammer and pulls the curtain back on his new hardcore event, Caleb’s Kingdom!

Join us TUESDAY March 29th at 8:30PM, LIVE at Woody’s! With CABIN’s Louie Manzo and drag queen extraordinaire Ryan Boa! Plus, Woody’s has $15 pitchers and daytime pricing for us ALL NIGHT LONG!

More links after the vid!

Meow Meow Industries / Twitter
On Growin Up… a guide
Writer, designer, and man of industry, Ryan Kerr makes comin’ out seem cool!

Caleb King Tumblr
Caleb’s Kingdom on FB
Trade, model, gogo dancer, Actor, and master of his new domain, Caleb’s Kingdom!

RICHARD RYDER: Fabulousness..!
Richard Ryder
Wilma Fingerdoo
He’s hilarious and sparkling all night, every night!

WOODY’S: Our hosts and Toronto’s Best Bar!
Woody’s Toronto
With the sexiest staff in the city and atmosphere beyond compare…

ryantimetv - poster 11x17 - MAR 29 - HiRes

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